not feeling your branding lately? are you…

Looking to gain more freedom back in you business?

Tired of DIY-ing your branding and want something that looks more professional and cohesive?

Feeling like your message is getting lost in translation and you’re not connecting with customers the way you want?

As a business owner you wear so many hats; you’re the boss, the marketing department, the accountant, the designer and so much more! While doing everything yourself can save you money, it can also cost you time; valuable time that you could be spending doing what you love.

That’s where I come in! My job is to create a visual representation of your company that resonates with your audience. Instead of blending in with your competitors, you’ll stand out with a completely custom and professionally designed brand that will connect with your customers.


The United Churches has been serving the community of Olympia for over a hundred years. This year we knew that we had to “freshen up” our brand so that we could reach those in the community who might be well served by our mission of “Spiritual Nurture for Community Engagement.” After a brand audit, Kayla Lee of Blushing Bull met with our team to learn about our preferences and our dreams. She was able to listen carefully to diverse opinions and ideas and come up with an engaging and fresh brand and logo package for our church. She is creative, timely, thoughtful, and worked very hard to answer a multitude of questions. Kayla is fun to work with and thanks to her, we have a beautiful new start.
— Rev. Dr. Tammy L Stampfli, The United Churches of Olympia


  brand identity package:



This is is the first impression you make on your audience! Includes a primary logo and secondary logo so you have what you need for any situation.


Submarks are for social media or when your main logo isn't the right fit. Custom icons give your brand more personality and can be used in so many ways; such as your website to show a process or Instagram as story highlights.


A custom color palette and typography make your brand unique, convey emotion and help drive the connection with your target audience.


Choose the marketing pieces that make sense for your business. From business cards to pricing sheets, menus, and more. Get exactly what you need!


Obviously you need to reach your audience on social media! Custom banners and profile images keep your look consistent across every platform.


This is the one place where you’ll find all of your branding pieces together. This is great to refer to when you need to create something new for your business or give to others on your team!


here’s how it works…



I want to get to know you and hear your story! We chat over the phone, or over coffee if you’re local, to determine your design needs and to see if we're a good fit; Not all designers are perfect for every project, so it’s important to find the right designer for your business.


I take your questionnaire and my research and do what I do best: bring your new brand identity to life!


This helps us get into the heart of your brand and encourages you to think about who you are as a business and how we’re going to communicate that through your branding.



We schedule another call so I can present your new brand identity and go through the design rationale.


I get to work researching and brainstorming and present you with a creative brief for you to approve. This step ensures that we’re both on the same page from a design standpoint. 



Almost done! The last step is to design your chosen marketing pieces.