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Maybe you’re a brand new business who wants to start off with a cohesive creative foundation? Or perhaps you’re an established business who is looking for a facelift or a change of direction? No matter where you’re at along your journey, I’m here to help you get a handle on the creative side of things!

It can be SO MUCH work starting a new business or rebranding a current one; sometimes you need someone to take a few things off your plate you or maybe even just a fresh set of eyes or someone to bounce ideas off of.

I’d love to hear more about your business and discuss how I can help you connect with your customers. If you’d like to chat over the phone or in person over coffee, shoot me a message and we can set up your FREE consultation!


The United Churches has been serving the community of Olympia for over a hundred years. This year we knew that we had to “freshen up” our brand so that we could reach those in the community who might be well served by our mission of “Spiritual Nurture for Community Engagement.” After a brand audit, Kayla Lee of Blushing Bull met with our team to learn about our preferences and our dreams. She was able to listen carefully to diverse opinions and ideas and come up with an engaging and fresh brand and logo package for our church. She is creative, timely, thoughtful, and worked very hard to answer a multitude of questions. Kayla is fun to work with and thanks to her, we have a beautiful new start.
— Rev. Dr. Tammy L Stampfli, The United Churches of Olympia


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Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective or someone to bounce ideas off of. This is great for marketing ideas, new products, business name creation, etc.

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Branding is most effective when it’s consistent and cohesive. It’s more than just a logo and the items in this package give you and your business a solid creative foundation that set you up for success.



If you’re not quite sure where to start, but you know you need some guidance and want to just dip your toe in! We go over your current branding and what is or isn’t working and talk through some ideas for next steps.


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Kayla is a natural at branding and individualized design! She takes the time to understand your business mission, vision and values and wraps them up in a version of visual perfection! I am so honored to have her in my corner to help my clients solidify their web presence and visual branding across all digital and print realms. Hire her today - your biz will thank you!
— Kathryn Coffman, Owner of Fashionably Frank Marketing